“We travel because distance & difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something inside our minds has changed, and that changes everything. Appreciate it.”
– Jonah Lehrer




Why Suchitoto?

Suchitoto is a town set in the mountains, overlooking Lake Suchitlan. Its breathtaking views, colonial architecture, and charming people make this picturesque town one worth discovering. We will guide you through the town pointing out the main land marks, but what really makes this town magical is the ability to discover it on your own.

It is our desire that you immerse yourself in the community, shop locally and dine at local restaurants. Suchitoto is a magical place, with a sacred charm that we strive to respect, nurture and share through these retreats. A portion of every retreat will be donated to a cause that goes towards supporting the betterment of the local people. We also support only locally owned and operated business during our stays.


Our Programming

Suchitoto is the perfect backdrop for our programming, allowing us to step outside of our comfort zones both in our environment and ourselves. We believe that women are seeking more, and “more” really just means more of themselves.

We take you on an adventure of the soul, where you’ll reconnect with the inner wisdom and knowledge that lies behind the walls of your body. Through meditation, art and immersing yourself into the local culture which allows you to truly see who you are, and what you can do. Just as it did for both of us.  We hope you’ll be one of the 8 that join us this time!



El Tejado Hotel is a wonderful family run business. With just 12 rooms you will appreciate the attention and personalized service we receive from their friendly staff. You will enjoy the spotless, spacious rooms with two double beds and private bath (all accommodations shared 2 per room).

Each room has its own fantastic outdoor terrace with incredible views overlooking the lake. El Tejado has some of the most beautiful gardens and definitely has the best pool in Suchitoto. Most of our daily activities occur right on site.


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